About TNBBC Publicity

TNBBC Publicity is passionate about supporting the small press and self publishing communities. Founded by Lori Hettler in 2007, TNBBC’s mission is to use numerous alternative channels to spread the word about the amazing publishers, authors, and books that readers might otherwise not hear of.

About the Founder

Before taking on clients as a freelance publicist, Lori Hettler was a reader and reviewer of small press literature for more than a decade. In 2007, she founded The Next Best Book Club on Goodreads and, two years later, its corresponding Next Best Book Blog, which she used as a platform to promote and propel small press publishers, authors, and their books. She spent some time in the early twenty-tens as the Marketing Director for the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP) and then as Chief Staff Interviewer for Alternating Current’s The Coil.

Lori focuses almost exclusively on small press literary fiction and is endlessly searching for the next best book.

 About the Name, The Next Best Book

If you thought the name was meant to suggest some humility in how Lori’s club stacks up against all the others, you’re not alone. But actually, naming her Goodreads group “The Next Best Book” Club was meant as a form of encouragement for readers and reviewers alike to continue to seek out their next favorite read… to keep their to-be-read (TBR) piles overflowing; to chuck that book that bored them silly and move on to the next book in the stack (because seriously, who has time to spend with a bad book?); to step up their reading game, book after book after book.

To Lori’s surprise, the name has also translated well into the world of publicity.

As a tireless champion of the best of the small press, she wants to passionately and voraciously introduce readers to their Next. Best. Book. Could yours be theirs?!?! Why not get in touch and hear how Lori might make that a reality?

Lori Hettler, founding publicist

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